Swan’s Island:
Third stop on the Some Writer! Tour

October/November (ongoing): Community collage project at Swan’s Island Public Library – Through children’s programs and other activities, the community will fill in Zuckerman’s barn from Charlotte’s Web (painted on the library wall) with characters from E.B. White’s books, including Charlotte, Wilbur, Templeton, Gander, Fern, Stuart Little, Snowbell, Louis, Serena, and more! The collage will also include artwork, writing, or photos of pets and animals that are special to islanders, and will remain on display at the library throughout December.

November 3: Meet Melissa! IRW invites community members and Swan’s Island Elementary students to an author presentation, book sale, and signing at Swan’s Island Public Library, 9:00 a.m. For more info, contact Candi Joyce at the library, 207-526-4330.

Following the public program, students will return to school with Melissa in tow, where she will lead writing workshops and view students’ projects based on Some Writer! and E.B. White. In preparation for her visit, students in Grades K – 2 read Charlotte’s Web as a class and focused on farm life and farm animals.

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