Linda Greenlaw

What do a swordfish captain, a New York Times best selling author and a successful writer of cookbooks all have in common? Each of these roles, plus much more, have gone into making one special person - Linda Greenlaw.

Linda Greenlaw is the author of three New York Times bestselling books about life as a commercial fisherman: The Hungry Ocean (1999), The Lobster Chronicles (2002), and All Fishermen Are Liars (2004). She is the winner of the U.S. Maritime Literature Award in 2003, and the New England Book Award for nonfiction in 2004. Time Magazine has called her 2005 Recipes From a Very Small Island, co-authored with her mother Martha Greenlaw, a "must-have cookbook." She has also written two mysteries: Slipknot (2007) and Fishermen’s Bend (2008).

Swordfish Captain Linda has joined IRW events to support kids reading and learning. Not only has she spoken to the public about her book, Seaworthy, she has also given students opportunities to learn math and science.

How did a sea captain help students study math and science? Linda and IRW asked six schools to track her progress using GPS equipment as she piloted her fishing boat, the Hannah Boden, off the Maine coast. Linda shared her experience of long-line fishing, providing students with a practical application of math and science principles, as well as an exciting adventure. Students completed data collection and mapping activities by watching Linda on The Discovery Channel program “Swords” and by reading Linda’s books.

Linda and her mother, Martha Greenlaw, also supported IRW by visiting the Islesford Dock Restaurant on Little Cranberry Island to promote their book, The Maine Summers Cookbook.

Linda was then a featured presenter during IRW's Fish Scales and Tales program in May 2014, and spoke to over 80 attendees in Lubec about her experiences as a fisherman and writer. Read more about that wonderful evening on the blog.