“Touch Blue” visits Whiting!

Whiting_Village_School2 Whiting_Village_School3 Whiting_Village_School6The patience of students at Whiting Village School finally paid off after they waited a whole day to enjoy their visit from author Cynthia Lord because of a snow storm that cancelled school.

We are pleased to share the following reflection from Cynthia Lord on her visit to Whiting School on Friday, March 14.

I had a wonderful day at Whiting Village School with the teachers and students. The younger classes loved Hotrod Hamster and the older classes had thoughtful questions and comments about Touch Blue. We discussed doing research, because the students are doing their own research projects. We also talked about small schools and how people in a community need each other and what happens when things change and populations go up and down. We also reflected on the challenges of moving from a small school to a larger one when it came time for high school and how that related to Tess’s concerns about possibly having to move.

One of the younger kids was amazed that she got to keep her copy of Hotrod Hamster. “I get to take it home?” she asked. The teacher of the 5th to 8th graders had her students write the words “Island Readers” on the inside front cover of their copy of Touch Blue so they would always remember who gave them the book.

I had lunch with the two PreK and K students, and the kids even invited me to go sledding with them at recess time! If I hadn’t worn a skirt, I would’ve gone!

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