Chris Van Dusen visits North Haven!

White caps and crashing waves made Wednesday’s boat ride to North Haven an adventure!  This was the second stop for Chris Van Dusen as he makes his way to several island schools this month and next. The day was memorable from beginning to end!

Kate Quinn, school and public librarian – boy does she know books, was there to meet us and to kick-start the day.  She escorted us to The Waterman Center to meet with a talented group of pre-k architects. They had made a huge house out of boxes and painted it too!  The walls exhibited paintings of houses dreamed up by the kids and cutout shapes to aid in their house designs.  There were descriptions of their homes and pictures of their families too!  We had a terrific time!

Our thanks to all students pr-k-4 grades for hosting us, treating us to a fabulous lunch (part of the garden to table program) and especially for sharing pictures and descriptions of some awesome houses!  Jack’s house was pretty neat too!

We heard over and over how much the kids loved the “Circus Ship” and all of Chris’ wonderful books. We even were treated to a choral reading of “Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee” by grades 3-4.  And throughout the day as each page of “If I Built a House” was turned and a new room revealed, we heard squeals of excitement and proclamations of “I want to live in a house just like that!”  What could be better!

Next stop The Ashley Bryan School on Islesford, Little Cranberry Island. We can’t wait!



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