Cynthia Lord Captivates Milbridge!

What a welcome we received when we brought Cynthia Lord to Milbridge Elementary School on November 13th!

There were signs, posters, bulletin boards, and even a real live hamster named Hot Rod, in honor of Cynthia’s Hot Rod Hamster books.  The kids were attentive and excited, asking questions, sharing their thoughts about Cynthia’s work, and overall being excellent listeners.

Cynthia started by presenting to the younger students, who came in multi-aged groups, in the gym around the topics of the writing process, inspiration, and Hot Rod Hamster.  The kids were all aflutter about their stickers and signed copies, as well as their chance to get up close and personal with a “real life, famous author!”  They had an even bigger surprise when Cynthia unveiled her special gift: a hot rod for their hamster!  We couldn’t agree more with one little girl who exclaimed, “I can’t get enough of this day!”

In the afternoon, Cynthia worked with the 6th-8th graders around Touch Blue, her novel set on an island off the coast of Maine.  The students of Milbridge were particularly connected to the story because many of them make their living the way the main characters from the book do: lobsterfishing.  In fact, the students got together and had their own lobster feast in honor of the book!  Now that’s a mouth-watering salute we can really dig our teeth into!

Cynthia ended the day with an extra visit to several classrooms for additional question and answer time.  Another chance for us to visit, and to bond with Hot Rod, the hamster!  What a memorable day for all involved!

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