Cynthia Lord in Washington County, one of her favorite places


Cynthia Lord is an IRW veteran! We always know it’s going to be a great day when we team up with Cynthia and bring her into a classroom. This October, we brought her to Lubec and Pembroke, two small towns in Washington County, one of Cynthia’s favorite places.


At Lubec Consolidated School, students in Grades PreK-K worked with descriptive words in relation to the book Hot Rod Hamster. K – 2 students also made a racetrack for the wall, decorated with individualized cars and hamsters! They had pulled phrases from the book to add to word bubbles. When a young student received a copy of Hot Rod Hamster, she said, “When I bring my book home, I’m going to read it at bedtime.”


Students in Grades 3-4 read Shelter Pet Squad #1: Jellybean and visited local animal shelters to interview shelter workers about the cats at the shelter. They then wrote and illustrated Pet Profiles – posters with ‘classified ads’ for cat adoption. They also formed their own group – the “Lend a Paw Club!”


Fifth and sixth graders created communication booklets, such as can be found in Cynthia’s book, Rules. In addition to reading rules, they had also nearly finished reading A Handful of Stars.

As Cynthia visited each classroom, they showed her their projects first, then she talked to them about the process for imagining each story and answered questions.


The next day at Pembroke, Cynthia was wowed by the mason bee houses that fifth and sixth graders had made that were hung in the hallway. Those fifth and sixth graders! They also made blueberry enchiladas and shared them with us. Blueberry enchiladas play a crucial part in Cynthia’s book, A Handful of Stars.


And it didn’t stop there! Students in Grades 3-4 made a book trailer for Cynthia’s book, Half A Chance. She’d never seen anything like it!


Seventh and eighth graders created photo boards for a photo contest (like in Half a Chance), made scrapbooks with acrostic poems, researched topics in the book, and created a memory box related to Half a Chance where they wrote alternate endings to the story.


What a great couple of days – celebrating good books together in creative ways!

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