Cynthia Lord visits Princeton, Charlotte, and Trenton

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Cynthia was the kick-off author for our first visit to Princeton Elementary School, and also visited students in Charlotte and Trenton.

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Cynthia offered presentations about her life as a writer and the inspirations for her creativity to grouped grades at each school and guided them in writing workshops. Her writing workshops focused on character development, conflict, and resolution.

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She has written numerous books for each age group, so students from all three schools received one of the following titles: Hot Rod Hamster, Shelter Pet Squad #1: Jellybean, A Handful of Stars, Half a Chance, Rules, and Touch Blue.

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At Charlotte Elementary School, students said…

about Half A Chance, “This book made me think about how some people really live and how hard it can be to live some ways”

and about A Handful of Stars, “This book made me think how you can be a stranger one minute and be best friends the next.”

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Charlotte students performed skits and conducted presentations on one of Cynthia’s books (they were allowed to choose whichever one of their books they wanted), in a unique format called a “literature circle.”

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Princeton Elementary School students said about Cynthia’s book Rules, it made them feel “caring,” “a lot more happy with my life,” and “more informed.”

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Cynthia’s book A Handful of Stars is dedicated “to Island Readers & Writers and all the children they serve,” and we were very happy to bring this beloved author to meet some of those students and create memorable experiences for all involved.


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