Diving in with Mary Cerullo: Writer visits Vinalhaven and North Haven schools

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“Dive In!” is what Mary Cerullo, author and Associate Director of Friends of CASCO BAY, writes when she signs her books during IRW visits to schools. Recently she braved choppy waters and winter ice to make the crossing between Vinalhaven and North Haven. She was impressed with the student knowledge about all things underwater during presentations on her book “City Fish, Country Fish.” They had great questions and could easily identify many “City Fish” species, non-natives to New England.

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The other book, Shipwrecks, was devoured by students who were curious about the history and the idea of sunken ships not just as holding possible treasures, but becoming underwater communities and shelters for all types of living sea life.

The biggest treat was in the informal conversations with Mary since, as one student remarked, “she spoke from real experience and knows the people (other experts) she’s talking about.” Of course the photos and anecdotes about sharks were thrilling to many, including her practical joke story by a colleague who scared a few co- workers in Antarctica, with some ketchup on his arm!

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The students aa North Haven really got into the art/writing workshop of creating a story behind their chosen fish, and the dioramas they made in anticipation of her visit were very impressive. They, and Mary’s books, made the sea come to life!



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