Edmunds welcomes Russ Cox

Author/ illustrator Russ Cox continued his Washington County tour at Edmunds Consolidated School on April 11.

Prior to Russ’s visit, the pre-K and kindergarten students created space helmets and rocket ships out of junk materials inspired by the outer space theme in “Faraway Friends.”

First and second graders also came ready for the “Faraway Friends” read aloud with their space helmets — and they had even designed their own rocket ships. On a bulletin board, the students displayed their own rocket ships alongside rocket ships taken from the “Faraway Friends” activity sheets designed by Russ.

Upon receiving his very own book, one second grader declared, “When I get home I’m going to run all the way down my long driveway and straight into my room to check and see if the cover does glow in the dark!”

Older students attended Russ’ interactive drawings workshops, with the students taking turns drawing and creating monsters or having Russ draw as they shouted out parts to add to the character. “I’ve drawn the basic shape of a head,” he told them, “now what should I add?” “A skeleton nose!” “Dog ears!” “Four arms!” “A hat!”

Fifth through eighth graders participated in a Q&A session, where they asked Russ some questions such as: “What inspires you to draw?”, and “Why monsters?” and “What kind of pencil do you use in your sketchbooks?” At this point, Russ shared some of the tools he uses and demonstrated on an easel. He also shared difference between working as a graphic artist with design versus working in publishing.

It was a wonderful day. Thank you, Edmunds!

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