Ellen Potter, Deer Isle – Stonington, and the Creative Writing Club

From the welcome sign at the entrance to the final Creative Writing Club meeting after school, Deer Isle – Stonington Elementary School was gracious, excited, and engaging with author Ellen Potter.

Ellen brought her Author Tool Box to an all-school presentation complete with “Ellen’s Brain” – a bag of ideas and symbols of surprise and suspense that she draws upon to create her characters and stories.

During several workshops with 3rd and 4th grades, students let their creativity wander and shared some fun and funny stories that they developed on the spot. All received a signed copy of Olivia Kidney so they could read and imagine all of Olivia’s escapades in her magical apartment building and world.

Ms. Staples the librarian was a great hostess and we were able to use the wonderful DISES library as homebase for all workshops. She hosts a Creative Writing club after school,  and they happen to be using Ellen’s book that she coauthored, Spilling Ink, as a young writer’s resource. The participants did some writing warm up exercises and discussed their interests and challenges in writing with Ellen.

There was even enough time for Ellen to visit briefly with the younger grades K- 2. She read aloud from her Piper Green series which some of them had already read with their teachers. There were many hugs and “I Love You, Ellen!” from those students.

All in all a good day and, like Piper Green, Ellen then left the island for adventures elsewhere! Stay tuned – we’ll be going to more schools with Ellen this fall.

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