Games Night at the Southwest Harbor Public Library

February 8, 2012
Games Night at the Southwest Harbor Public Library
in the spirit of the era of Tom Sawyer
Organized by Dick Atlee, Sarah Corson, and Linda Uberseder


A group of eighteen children and adults focused merrily on the materials, rules, and skills necessary for playing various old-time games. Favorite choices were jacks, marbles, dominoes,¬†jackstraws,¬†and handcrafted jigsaw puzzles. The final photo shows our version of the “tick-on-a-slate” game that Tom and Joe conjured up when bored at school. Other games attracting attention were ninepins, ball-in-a-cup, dancing man, humdingers, gee haw whimmy diddle, string games, Jacob’s ladder, and a marble track. At the end, the group gathered for a lively game of Button, Button Who’s Got the Button?
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