Jan, Kim, Rebekah and Ryan had lots of fun at the Ashley Bryan School last Wednesday!

It was cold day and an early morning, but the ferry was almost full. We joined gardeners, carpenters and other workers, all busy with spring projects, for a smooth ferry ride to Little Cranberry Isle. We stopped along the way at Sutton Island and Great Cranberry where we picked up students and teachers who commute to the Ashley Bryan School by boat each day.

Ashley Bryan 1

Once on the island we loaded our equipment — art supplies, “Goosey,” and copies of “The Secret Pool” into the school van and then walked to the school. Bea was there to greet us and many welcoming hands helped unload our equipment and escort us into the school.

Right from the start, we knew it was going to be a very special day. Once in the school we heard the sound of young chicks hatching. What fun to watch their development each day and to hear their young voices.

Ashley Bryan School 5

Kim Ridley and Rebekah Raye began by telling “the story behind the story” and then launched into the workshops one at a time. Kim got our creative juices going by asking everyone to close their eyes and imagine the sounds of a vernal pool. She then conducted a chorus of rain patter, wood frogs, and peepers. The children were totally engaged with both workshops and created amazing stories and art. At the end of the day each child received a copy of “The Secret Pool” personally inscribed by Kim and Rebekah.

Ashley Bryan Scool 2

Ryan Shimala, a videographer from MORE & CO. in Portland, also traveled with us. He took lots of pictures, shot hoops with the children and visited Ashley Bryan’s amazing home. We loved having him along.

Another wonderful visit thank you all!


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  1. Melissa Amuso

    What a great day.

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