Kim Ridley at Whiting and Beals


After a March snowstorm required IRW to reschedule two of Kimberly Ridley’s school visits, she arrived at Whiting Village School on April 11 without a hitch!

Kim gave a presentation on the importance of estuaries, the research that was required to write The Secret Bay, why we should all care about estuaries, and facts about various plants and animals that can be found in this crucial ecosystem.


Kim led workshops with grouped grades and guided them in writing powerful sentences that involve an estuary character, a problem they must face, and what they do to face that problem.


About Kim’s book The Secret Bay, Whiting students said:

This book made me feel “like an electric eel!” – kindergartener
One first grader asked, “Dear Miss Kim, I liked your book and I was wondering if you could write a book about forests?” and a fifth grader said, “This book made me wonder what I could do that I thought I couldn’t.”


On April 12, Kim and IRW headed over to Beals Elementary School, for Kim’s final visit as part of the Alewives: Small Fish, Big Impact program. Those students also participated in a presentation and workshops with Kim, and had similar feelings and reactions to the book and the importance of estuaries.

Beals students even took the words of The Secret Bay and set them to music – Kim was overwhelmed with gratitude!


Student wisdom was abundant everywhere, from an eighth grader who said,  “We need to appreciate all of the things we have because they might not last forever,” to a kindergartener that said, “We need to protect estuaries!”


Student art was also proudly displayed around the school, and showcased the detail, intention, and creativity of a wonderful variety of bright minds!


After Kim’s visit, each school prepared for a workshop with artist Rebekah Raye, another offering of the alewives program.


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