Lynn Plourde visits Lubec and Pembroke

Maine author Lynn Plourde brought her fun and theatrical style to Lubec Consolidated School and Pembroke Elementary with her picture book At One in a Place Called Maine, and graphic novel Lost Trail: Nine Days Alone in the Wilderness, Donn Fendler’s story of survival after becoming lost on Mount Katahdin as a child in July 1939.
To kick-off her school visits, Lynn brought the entire school together in the morning to act out her picture book Moose, Of Course! as a play. Kids of all grade levels had a blast acting out the various parts of the story about a boy who looks high and low for the chance to see a moose. A few kids even turned into moose before our very eyes!

Performing “Moose, Of Course!” at Lubec.

The moose family at Pembroke

During Lynn’s small-group presentations, kids in grades 5 and up learned about the research that went into Lost Trail, and saw original documents from Donn Fendler’s rescue and celebration of his homecoming. At Lubec, the older kids displayed informational posters about animals found in the Maine woods, showed Lynn videos they made about different wildlife found in Katahdin, and also created 3-D printed animals. Students in grades 5-6 at Pembroke shared panels from their own graphic novels inspired by Lost Trail, while grades 7-8 created lean-tos in the woods around their school, similar to what Donn would have used for shelter. Lynn was thoroughly impressed with their craftsmanship.

Fun with “Lost Trail”

Lean-to shelters inspired by Donn Fendler’s story of survival at Pembroke

3-D printed animals at Lubec


During Lynn’s workshops for the younger students, they created poems inspired by At One in a Place Called Maine and things that they love about their state. At Lubec, Pre-k artists painted fall scenes, while those in kindergarten painted scenes with the prompt “I can…,” and the budding authors and illustrators in grades 3-4 at Lubec gifted Lynn a book they had written and illustrated featuring places that they love, featuring a heartwarming inscription that speaks to why we do what we do: “Thank you for visiting our school. Authors like you inspire us to become better writers. You help us realize our voices are powerful.” 

Artists in grades 3-4 at Pembroke shared with Lynn their illustrations of their favorite places. Many chose to illustrate their backyards or the playground!

Lynn was overjoyed with the book that Lubec third and fourth graders created for her

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