Mary Cerullo at Islesboro

Islesboro Central School students welcomed IRW and nonfiction author and “curiosity facilitator” Mary Cerullo along with her book, “City Fish, Country Fish,” on April 10.

Mary met with the students in small groups to discuss the book and its focus on habitats and characteristics of tropical and cold water fish.

Kindergarteners and first graders showed off creative artwork inspired by Mary’s book, which lined the bulletin board in the hallway.

Second and third graders had already read Mary’s book and were very knowledgable about it.

Grades 4-5 also displayed projects they had worked on in small groups about each animal in the book. The older students in grades 6-7 were intrigued by the book as they have been learning about pollution effects and sustainability. They learned firsthand about Co2 and climate change!

Each grade level was so attentive and appreciative of Mary’s visit! Mary was impressed by all the students and enjoyed her day on Islesboro. Thank you, Islesboro Central School.



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