Milbridge students welcome Alexandra Hinrichs


Since Milbridge Elementary is so great at helping IRW launch new books (Cindy Lord’s A Handful of Stars), we thought it only fitting to have Milbridge help launch a new-to-IRW author, Alexandra Hinrichs. Alex shared her first book, Thérèse Makes a Tapestry, on November 7th with K-6 students. The story depicts  a young girl in 17-century France whose family is connected to the creation of France’s finest tapestries – from wool to finished product!


Students had created lots of different weavings with yarn, paper, traditional pot holder looms, and even tried out the local craft of fish-net weaving.  They invited the local group known as the Wednesday Spinners to come in and show them wool roving and how to spin, and to talk about dyeing and weaving. They even captured the visit in photos and had them hanging in the hallways when Alex visited!


Upper grade students wrote stories and then illustrated what their tapestry would look like based on the story. Younger students made their own books filled with drawings of the various terms used and new vocabulary; weaving, wool, tapestry, and even castle! (Do you know what castle means?)


Even the science and math teacher used the occasion and “wove” the weaving theme into lessons by using the even/odd combinations of numbers and warp and weft of patterns.


During Alex’s all school presentation students noted that “Books help to grow your imagination.” Just what we think at IRW!


In workshops, kids also worked on character development through an interview activity with Alex.


Thanks, Milbridge, for another terrific “first!”


* Too late to make it onto our Thérèse Makes a Tapestry worksheets, we stumbled upon a terrific wool related book called Woolbur. Thanks to our staunch supporter – Kate at Southwest Harbor Public Library – for sharing it with us! It is a charming read and one that Milbridge and other kids of all ages will appreciate.

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