Mock Newbery Book Club

IRW’s 2018-2019 Mock Newbery Book Club at Pemetic Elementary School in Southwest Harbor was a fun success!

For the second year in a row, all Pemetic fifth and sixth graders were invited to participate in this extra-curricular program in which they read titles from a list of 15 Newbery Medal eligible books, reviewed and culled by IRW volunteers. This year, 10 judges participated in the club, which meets once per month at lunchtime from October-February. Throughout the meetings, the judges discuss their favorites with their peers, and engage in gallery walks where they answer questions and even draw pictures related to the books they’ve been reading. The judges fill out secret ballots where they rank their top three favorites based on Newbery Medal criteria, including:

  • Interpretation of the theme or concept
  • Presentation of information including accuracy, clarity, and organization
  • Development of a plot
  • Delineation of characters
  • Delineation of a setting
  • Appropriateness of style

After months of reading and discussion, the judges cast their ballots in early February. The 2019 Mock Newbery winner is: “The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle” by Leslie Connor, and the runners-up are “The Night Diary” by Veera Hiranandani and “Breakout” by Kate Messner! Thanks to Pemetic librarian Tracey McCarthy who helps make this program possible. IRW has donated one copy of each book to the Pemetic library, Harbor House Underground and the Southwest Harbor Public Library, where everyone can check them out! Click here for the complete reading list.


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