Music man Stephen Costanza Downeast at Beals and Jonesport


IRW was thrilled to team up again with author/illustrator/musician Stephen Costanza! In November, we brought him to Beals and Jonesport Elementary Schools, where he offered a full-school presentation and workshops with students in Grades PreK – 2. Students in all grades at both schools fully immersed themselves in Stephen’s book, Vivaldi and the Invisible Orchestra, prior to his visit to the school.


For example, students at Beals listened to Vivaldi’s music, wrote poems, made masks, created Powerpoint presentations on the book’s setting in Venice, and also constructed mobiles based on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, among other projects and activities.


When Steve visited, art and writing projects covered the hallway walls. Students performed a skit where each grade cluster represented a season; each cluster read poems they had written while other students decorated a tree with seasonally appropriate items. It all concluded with a hilarious scene starring Beals Elementary staff!


*We are very grateful for the group of PTO parents that helped out during the day; we love having parents’ involvement during our school visits, and always welcome the helping hands!*


One middle school student said that Steve’s visit made them think “how grateful I am that people write books for children and adults to enjoy.”


The next day Stephen hopped on over to Jonesport Elementary School. Students had already learned about instruments, the vocabulary in Vivaldi and the Invisible Orchestra, the parts of an orchestra, music and the emotions, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and more, based on their grade level.


All the younger students at both schools received copies of Vivaldi and the Invisible Orchestra. One of the students at Jonesport said, “I’m going to take my book home and read it to my stuffed animals. And then I’m going to read it again, and again and again all night long.”


This student wasn’t the only one “jazzed” after a great day! Stephen said that he loved visiting these two amazing schools and such visits keep him inspired.


Next up at Jonesport and Beals – Mary Cerullo in Spring 2017!

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