North Haven warmly welcomes IRW and The Secret Pool

Rebekah Raye, illustrator, Kim Ridley, author and Ruth Feldman, IRW Program Director headed for North Haven on Monday night in order to be on the island early to begin their day Tuesday at the delightfully designed space that is the North Haven Community School. (They met several “Haven”s while visiting – any connection?)
The three received a warm welcome as they organized for the day of assembly with K – 8 students, and then hands-on writing and illustration workshops with grades 3 – 6. The kids were very creative in their use of “voice” and in developing both the action / emotion and facts about their chosen characters of wood frog, fairy shrimp and / or salamander. In the illustration session they brought their characters to life on the page, while learning about the need to use “white space” and integrating room for the words. In a short amount of time they got to know a little bit more about vernal pools, and about the process of writing and illustrating to tell a story.
The day ended with them building a “learning pool” of what they had learned and questions they wanted to explore further: “ Are vernal pools always in the woods?”, “What else lives in vernal pools?”, “I learned about how an illustrator needs to think about where the text goes on the page.”
We hear that the students at North Haven Community School will be visiting a vernal pool in the near future – What will they see? What will they be able to add into their Learning Pool of knowledge?


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