Rebekah Raye visits Pembroke, Edmunds, and Whiting

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As part of the Alewives: Small Fish, Big Impact program, Rebekah Raye wrapped up her school visit tour by joining IRW at Pembroke Elementary School, Edmunds Consolidated School, and Whiting Village School.

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Students at each school had already participated in writing workshops with The Secret Bay author Kimberly Ridley, and now had the opportunity to participate in an art workshop with the book’s illustrator!

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Rebekah guided students in how to draw and color (with pastel crayons and watercolors) pictures of estuary creatures, that could be combined with their writing exercises from Kimberly’s workshop to create a page spread for a book.

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IRW gave each child at all three schools a copy of The Secret Bay, and all younger students a copy of Swimming Home as well.

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Chloe at Whiting Village School said, “Rebekah: I had a lot of fun doing [art] because sometimes people just talk about it, but you let us do the art and it was fun.”

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And, while the visit with Rebekah was inspiring and fun, it was also thought-provoking for many students. One fourth grader at Edmunds wrote, “This book made me wonder about if there were no estuaries.”

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Jordan, a student in the 5-6 grade group at Pembroke Elementary School, said, “Rebekah Raye and Island Readers…made me want to write and draw more.”

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We were thrilled to work with such creative, thoughtful, and energizing students, and can’t wait for our next visit to their classrooms!


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