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MDI 7th Grade Read at Camp Beech Cliff

The 7th Grade Read has become an annual cornerstone of our fall programming and this year’s event with author Clare Vanderpool at Camp Beech Cliff was once again a great success. The Oct. 19 event brought together all 137 seventh graders from each MDIRSS school to Camp Beech Cliff for a morning to discuss Clare’s […]

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“Extreme Survivors” on MDI

Kimberly Ridley started out her spring 2018 school tour on MDI at Mount Desert Elementary (MDES), followed by a visit to Pemetic Elementary in Southwest Harbor, before a stop in Washington County. She finished up her visits at Conners Emerson Elementary School in Bar Harbor. “Have you ever seen a comb jelly in real life?” […]

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Gary Schmidt wow MDI 8th Graders

Buses from all over Mount Desert Island started arriving right before 9am on Friday, October 2, and over 100 MDI-RSS 8th graders gathered together in the gym at Camp Beech Cliff, ready to separate into groups of six and get their day started. Though students from different schools might have recognized each other from sporting […]

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