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Milbridge welcomes Anne Sibley O’Brien

Milbridge Elementary School truly embraced Annie‚Äôs books and delved deep into the content by plastering the hallway walls with fabulous Korean-inspired projects; descriptions and pictures of how it feels to be new, and comparing the Korean legend of Hong Kil-Dong to that of Robin Hood.   Grades 3-4 created Korean flags and fans and translated […]

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“The Secret Pool” visits over 120 students at Milbridge Elementary

“I’ve never liked writing before!” – Patrick, a student from the 5th/6th grades group at Milbridge Elementary School Jenna Beaulieu, IRW’s new Office Administrator & Communications Coordinator, and Program Director Ruth Feldman visited Milbridge Elementary School together on November 18, with “The Secret Pool” author Kim Ridley and illustrator Rebekah Raye. All grades participated in […]

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