Telling Stories with Music

Island Readers & Writers’ Jan Coates gives us the beat on how elementary school students in Milbridge and Machiasport will learn to tell stories with music. Stephen Costanza, author of Vivaldi and the Invisible Orchestra will visit them with his keyboard on March 6 and 7. 

Stephen Costanza, is one of those magical people who expresses creativity in many ways – through words, music and art. He is inspired by Vivaldi, who, in 1710, was the rock star of his day. Why? Vivaldi used musical instruments to tell a story, something which was uncommon at the time. In The Four Seasons, Vivaldi used violins and cellos to show us the changing seasons – from babbling brooks and singing birds to icy landscapes and warm winter fires.  He did this in much the same way a painter would use brushstrokes.

Imagination is the key

During his visit to Milbridge and Machiasport schools, Steve will ask, ‘If you were to write a song about shoveling snow; what would it sound like? Or sledding down your favorite hill?’ Using his keyboard, Steve will play melodies, harmonies and rhythms and ask kids to imagine what those sounds are showing us. They will compare life in Vivaldi’s Venice with life in Milbridge and Machiasport. How can living near the water inspire us? Older kids will also use their imaginations and try their own hands at composing.

The virtuosos of tomorrow

Students, parents and educators at Milbridge and Machiasport schools have always given IRW and our visiting authors a big welcome. Their enthusiasm will help create future music for the world by igniting the imaginations of the virtuosos of tomorrow. We are excited to share in the many talents of these students and the inspiring work of Stephen Costanza, which will start kids off on the best possible note.

Steve’s visit is part of ‘Literary Links to Music’, an element of IRW’s Island Book and Authors program. March is a busy month for IRW and the Island Book and Author’s program. To find out what we are doing with music, frogsicles, rainbows, boats, monster trucks and more, take a look at our Events page.

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