Touch Blue for luck

Cynthia Lord brought a Hot Rod Hamster and Touch Blue, a book about luck and island life to students on Beals Island. There were whoopie pies, too. IRW’s Jan Coates gives us a taste of the visit.

Touch blue for luck. That’s what Cynthia Lord told us in her story, Touch Blue − and lucky we were to be with the wonderful students of Beals Elementary School on Beals Island.

The welcome sign, displays and thoughtful discussion about the characters and the writing of Touch Blue, were exceptional.

CL Welcome Beals

The school has 20 students in grades 5, 6, 7 and 8, and all of them have been actively engaged in reading, reviewing and writing about Touch Blue. The art teacher encouraged each student to create a cover for their work and develop a series of impressive displays depicting the story. There was even a blue lobster that one students’ grandmother had caught several years ago.

All students were eager to share with us their journals and projects. Every

group shot k-4

detail from the book was covered, including someone bringing a trumpet to represent the 4th of July celebration in the story. Students showed us a high level of comprehension of the story and the close attention that they had paid to the detail.

Don’t put a lobster on your head!

Several of the boys fish for lobster and have 10 to 50 traps to tend. They told stories about the different shapes and colors of lobsters including the fact that there is a one and a million chance of catching a white lobster. One boy reported that his grandfather “had put a lobster on his head and that is why he now has triangle cut in his ear.”

Blue lobster

Eating the whoopie pies that the 7 & 8th graders made for the visit was a special treat for Cynthia and IRW. The students used Cynthia’s mother’s recipe and it was delicious!

Yum Whoopie Pies

After an engaging and fun time with the older students, Cynthia visited with grades K-4. She shared a bit about her life as an author and introduced her book Hot Rod Hamster to the kids. She has three Hot Rod Hamster books and the children loved them all.

hotrod group shot

What the kids said

This is what the kids had to say: “I want to be an author when I grow up.”

I can read

“I think you should write more Hot Rod Hamster stories. He could play football or hockey.”

“I’ve made two little booklets.”

Thank you Beals Island students for all the wonderful work you did in preparing for our visit, the warm and gracious welcome, and making our visit so very special. We will return! 

“I can read this book myself.”

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