Whiting students share lighthouse projects

Students from Whiting Village School shared research projects and stories inspired by Sophie Blackall’s “Hello Lighthouse” program at their recent curriculum fair.

Experts on the Fresnel lens, historic Maine heroine Abbie Burgess and other topics presented their findings to their families, community and peers — and even came dressed in period-appropriate costumes found by Mrs. Higgins at Goodwill! (Three other students had also worked on projects, but were unable to present that night.)

Prior to Sophie’s visit to their school last month, these kids worked hard researching and creating impressive work in preparation for the author visit. They proudly shared their projects with Sophie, who was overjoyed by their work and took time to compliment each student. As you can see, the learning incited by these programs and great stories creates ripples that extend far beyond the day of the author visit.

Mrs. Higgins said:

The kids built lighthouses out of cups with tea lights at the top, Principal Scott Johnson’s clever design! They are pictured in front of Sophie’s mural project…They wanted to dress up, so I had fun at the Goodwill finding costumes for them. Pictured from the top: Phoebe read her report on Abbie Burgess; Cort read his on the Fresnel lens; Terra, life in a lighthouse in 1951 (she had never buttoned a blouse!); and Ryan, the duties of a lighthouse keeper…Thanks for Sophie, a great educator/writer/artist and her finely crafted book. The kids had a great time.

Thanks to Stephanie Higgins for the photos and information!

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