Blueberry Harvest School

IRW and Blueberry Harvest School with Meg Medina

August 13-15, 2018

This August, Island Readers & Writers (IRW) will collaborate with the Blueberry Harvest School (BHS) by bringing its book-centered approach to the curriculum which will revolve around the 2018 BHS theme, “Imagining New Stories.” This theme will encourage students to think more playfully and creatively by examining a range of stories and storytelling with personal and/or cultural significance.

Author Meg Medina

BHS, a program of Mano en Mano, is a summer school for migrant children (ages 3-13) based out of the Harrington Elementary School in Washington County. It is designed to provide students with the opportunity to attend school while they are in Maine and may be missing school days and credits in their home states. The program is open to eligible children of migrant workers in Washington County during the wild blueberry harvest. The goals of BHS are preventing summer learning loss and building self-esteem for students through engaging activities in a supportive community.

Both IRW and BHS share the twin goals of providing hands-on learning experiences for children in underserved communities. IRW will bring Latina author Meg Medina, whose books span multiple grade levels and relate to the Latino experience. Meg will lead a three-day program at BHS from Aug. 13-15, as well as a community-wide evening celebration on the final day of her program. She will lead presentations and writing workshops relating to the BHS theme, as well as themes taken from her books. BHS students will receive personally-inscribed and age-appropriate books at the end of Meg’s three-day program!