Extreme Survivors

Extreme Survivors is a Literary Links to Science program centered on science writer Kimberly Ridley’s “Extreme Survivors: Animals that Time Forgot,” about ten creatures that have withstood eons of challenges, and how many of the challenges they faced (such as ice ages) were evident in the landscape around them.

Inspired by Kim’s book and before her visit to their school, students have done wonderful research and art projects on animals of their choosing. During Kim’s writing workshop, the students are transformed into “ACE reporters,” in which they write a news story to their community about an amazing animal in their town. Kim touches on the important of using accurate sources when doing research for their writing, and how to pull similes and metaphors into their work to spice up a story. She shares video footage of minuscule tardigrades and asks writers to describe their movements using fun words and comparisons. Kids have a blast learning and writing about creatures around us today that have stood the test of time!

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Spring 2018

Extreme Survivors on MDI

Extreme Survivors at Princeton Elementary and Woodland Elementary

Fall 2017

Extreme Survivors at Pembroke Elementary School

Extreme Survivors at Beatrice Rafferty Elementary School

Extreme Survivors at Milbridge Elementary School

Extreme Survivors at Whiting Village School