IRW loves lists, especially when they’re lists of great books!

Twice a year, IRW volunteers pull together a list of some of the best books they’ve read in the last six months. We publish one list at the beginning of summer break, and one for the holiday season. All lists are available on our website, and we bring hard copies of each new list to local libraries on MDI and in Washington County.

We’re always looking for volunteers to read books for us, decide if they’re of the highest quality, and write short recommendations. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer reader, please visit our Volunteer page.

Winter 2019 Booklist

Mock Newbery 2019-2020 (Middle Grade)

Open a Window Into a New World: Summer 2019

Light Up Your Winter with Stories: Holiday 2018

Mock Newbery Booklist 2018 (Middle Grade Novels)

Jump Into a Good Book: Summer 2018

A Gift of Story: Holiday 2017

Mock Newbery Booklist 2017 (Middle Grade Novels)

Sail Away on a Good Read: Summer 2017

Every Book is Unique: Holiday 2016

Choose Your Adventure: Summer 2016

Reading in a Winter Wonderland: Holiday 2015

Hello Summer!: Summer 2015

Our Gift To You: Holiday 2014

Read Your Way Into Summer: Summer 2014