To inspire a passion for reading and learning among children living on Maine’s coastal islands and in rural communities in Washington County, “inland islands.”


Island Readers & Writers (IRW) is committed to dismantling racism and oppression in all its forms. We believe that all Maine children have the right to access opportunities and life outcomes not limited by race, ethnicity or economic class. We will continue to educate ourselves on the values of diversity, inclusion and equity, create book-centered programs reflecting multicultural perspectives and support educators introducing these topics in their curricula. IRW programs will continue to foster children’s appreciation of the differences and interconnectedness of all people.


Island Readers & Writers (IRW) believes in the essential role of reading in fostering the healthy development of children and the promise that lies within every child – their capacities and their dreams.

Each year, IRW brings book-based educational programs to over 2,600 children, grades PreK-8, living on Maine’s coastal islands and in remote communities in Washington County. These programs are designed to stretch imaginations, encourage curiosity, develop creative and reflective thinking skills, and expand perspectives through hands-on learning in natural history, science, literature, writing, and art.


  • Take educational book-centered experiences to children living in remote places
  • Nurture a sense of curiosity, awareness, empathy, and wonder
  • Connect children with Maine authors and illustrators
  • Celebrate Maine’s natural resources and community
  • Connect reading and learning
  • Provide a personally inscribed book for every child
  • Encourage a life-long love of books