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Anne Sibley O’Brien at Charlotte

“Are you in peace?” (in Korean) is how Anne Sibley O’Brien greeted Charlotte Elementary School students, as she explained the different ways of greeting people based on their status in society. Having grown up in Korea, Anne really grew up in two cultures and found human differences to be fascinating and beautiful. She shares her […]

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“Poet Guy” Paul Janeczko brings a love of poetry to Jonesport, Lubec, and Charlotte

Jonesport, Lubec and Charlotte with poet, anthologist and author (baseball enthusiast) Paul Janeczko – it sounds like a listing poem, but it’s actually a who-and-where for some great IRW school visits during November 16 – 18. In Fall 2015, Paul worked with teachers at Jonesport and Lubec in IRW’s first Professional Learning Community setting and, […]

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The Secret Pool at Pembroke Elementary School

Jan and Jenna were on the road again last week – visiting Pembroke Elementary School on March 23 with Maine author Kimberly Ridley and artist Rebekah Raye, the dynamic duo that collaborated on good reads such as “The Secret Pool” and the forthcoming “The Secret Bay.” We were excited that second through sixth graders from Charlotte […]

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