Look Up

Look Up! with author/illustrator and birderĀ Annette LeBlanc Cate is a Literary Links to Science program that combines an exploration of birds, their behaviors and habitats, along with illustration workshops.

In connection with Annette’s book, “Look Up! Bird-watching in Your Own Back-yard,” this program encourages kids to pay attention to the natural world around them — and above them! — and create art inspired by what they see.

This hands-on program consists fieldwork and an art workshop. Kids of all ages have enjoyed getting out in the field to observe birds in their natural habitat and explore the art of observation, the wonders of birds from their behavior, color, song and migration patterns.

Following the fieldwork, budding birders illustrate their observations during a workshop with Annette.

Have fun with our Look Up! Activity Sheet!

October 2018: Look Up! with Jonesport, Beals and Ella Lewis at the Schoodic Institute

May 2017: Look Up! at Pembroke Elementary